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Over the years Imagine-It has produced work for a large number of businesses, organisations and individuals. Some of our valued clients include: Winfield Williams F1 (web site for the 1998 racing season) Blockbusters Video, Department of Finance and Economic Affairs, Department of Communications, Sweets from Heaven franchise, Christian Outreach Centre Network, Polycomp displays, African Union for Housing Finance, Revlon, A Harvest Biotech Foundation International, G. V. Di Bella Imports, Logisticor, King Pie, Golfcom, Microdyn, Flexicon, Astore Africa, Frankwen Forge, Cosmic Candy.


Developed for Blockbusters Video franchise head office, this site incorporates shockwave flash animations. New upcoming attractions are added every month and previous ones are archived on the site.


This site had to be simple to use yet attractive, with links to various offices worldwide. There is also an online registration form on the site.

Williams Winfield

Developed for the official Williams Winfield (1998) Formula One Team. This site was available in static or shockwave as well as in four languages. Unfortunately it was only available during the 1998 Formula One season.


This site's purpose is to enable rate payers to view the councils services and aquaint them with the personnel in the various departments. The word "Lethabong" is a rotating gif animation. Unfortunately the Lethabong council has since amalgamated with another district, thus the site is no longer live.

La Gio Bella

This site is an online "brochure" which was designed with the same identity as the hardcopy brochure. It utilises an online enquiry form. We also photographed product and designed the hardcopy catalogue.

Family Resources

The client wanted a very bright "funky" look to this site. The colours change from page to page but the design and layout follow the same format. This site was designed in conjunction with "The Clockwork Orange" Agency.